Monday, March 19, 2018

New Book

My second book, Rails on the Dark Side, is now finished.  I am surprised, because less than a year go I did not thinkof myselfas a creative writer.  I owe my being able to self-publish two books to ecouragement and assistance by Kelly Buffum and her mom Susan.
I have been fascinated by the writing process.  It is if the books have written themselves and I am merely the typist.  There have been times when the words have flowed through my mind faster than I have been able to type them.  And there have been other times when the words have started flowing at inappropriate times, such as when driving or singing with the chorus I belong to.
There seems to be a sequel perculating in my mind.  I am anxious to see what happens.  Thank you Kelly and Susan for opening this fascinating process to me

Saturday, March 17, 2018


      The WhipCity Wordsmiths met this afternoon at Blue Umbrella Books. There were 9 members in attendance- Susan, Geri, Joyce, Judith F., Melissa, Lex, Russell, Joseph, and Lindsay.
      First of all, our newest published author, Lindsay Stenico, was in attendance. Geri had already purchased a copy of Lindsay's first novel, The Assignment, so we all got a preview of the book. Lindsay will be having an author event at Blue Umbrella as mentioned in a previous post. That date is March 24th, from 6PM-7PM. Congratulations to Lindsay!
      Susan had a picture of the covers (front and back) of her soon to be self-published novel, The Clockmaker's Son. When she'd mentioned she needed a cover, Melissa had jumped right on it 2018and soon presented her with a beauty! Interior file and cover were uploaded on CreateSpace and a printed proof copy is now on the way! Susan is hoping the book will be available at the upcoming  Articulture2018 event on April 21st at the Church of Atonement on court Street here in Westfield. Susan had visited Blended Vintage Marketplace prior to the meeting to snag the matted Danny Nason photograph of Westfield's mechanical clock tower, the tower that had inspired the horror/romance novel about a lycanthrope, the son of a clockmaker who fled his home after high school graduation, went to Germany and began building exquisite mechanical clock towers.
      Susan brought a variety of antique and vintage clothing/collectible buttons and talked about how she combined her love of writing and buttons when she agreed to be editor of the Massachusetts State Button Society Bulletin in 2007 after having only been a collector for 4 years. Susan was editor for ten years, stepping down in 2016 after getting that year's issue out at the April meeting. No one stepped up to fill the editor's shoes, so the Bulletin succumbed to lack of interest in keeping it going. She brought the printer proofs of five of the issues she did which included articles she'd written on subjects such as butterflies, mermaids, Edgar Allan Poe, and love letters.
     Joseph  had his 300-page typewritten manuscript with him. He mentioned there was a contest for memoir books he was interested in entering his "book" in- only his book needs help. SOS! Well, he came to the right place. Melissa mentioned that his typewritten pages could be scanned to a flash-drive at Staples and then his file could be converted to a word doc on a computer and submitted to the contest (he had checked to make sure typewritten, not quite correctly formatted submissions would be accepted, and was told it was all right). Immediately after the meeting he went directly to Staples and had this done, much to his delight. He then contacted Susan and they have a date set to meet at her house to upload his file to the contest submission site. Melissa has also offered him further tech support as needed as he may need help with his book cover when it reaches that point. He has pictures in mind, but will need help converting them to a book cover.
     We talked about book covers and how a good cover grabs your attention and makes you pick up the book. We scanned the shelves of the bookstore and picked out covers that drew our eye and interest to demonstrate the power of the visual image in leading you to pick up a book and look at it.
     We then went around the table to relate what our favorite books are and who our favorite authors are.
      Susan read her short story based on the Holyoke St. Patrick's Day Parade, The Night Before Parade Day, which was published in butterscotch-a collection of stories.
      The hour and a three quarters we were together flew by!
     What happened during this meeting today demonstrated exactly what Kelly and I want this group to be- a social/support network of authors and writers and those who want to write who offer advice, ideas, and help to one another.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lindsay Stenico's Author Event

WhipCity Wordsmith and local author Lindsay Stenico will be holding an author event at Blue Umbrella Books, 2 Main Street, Westfield, MA on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 6-7PM. Lindsay's first novel, The Assignment, has just been published! I'm hoping that as many of us as can make it will attend Lindsay's event to congratulate her, help her celebrate her first published novel, and buy a copy of her book! Way to go, Lindsay!!

St Patrick's Day

The Wordsmiths will be meeting on St. Patrick's Day at 3PM at Blue Umbrella Books. Attendance is never mandatory. I'll bring green cookies. Otherwise- Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Gallery page is Impressive!

Kelly has been updating the Book Gallery page. I've been busy reading new books by Wordsmiths. I read Kate's book Danvers State Hospital the other night, and just finished reading Glen's Dearest David tonight, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sonia's new YA novel Time Tilter was delivered from Amazon today. Looks good! Maybe with the snow coming tomorrow I'll have some more time to read this week.

The Book Gallery is getting filled in. Primarily we're missing Glen's earlier books but his newest books are there. If you're a Wordsmith and you don't see one or more of your books in the gallery  and you have a copy Kelly can scan (and return) get them to her when you can and she'll get them on the page with the retail link if there s one.

Don't forget that the blog is public, but only Wordsmiths can post on it. Feel free to tell your friends to check out the book gallery page where they can shop for books by amazing authors!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Books By WhipCity Wordsmith Authors

First of all- I highly recommend Where We Go by Melissa Volker, both for its short stories and also for its personal pieces on writing. Must red stuff! Click on the book image in the Book Gallery and it will take you to a retail site if you're interested in purchasing a copy.

Next, I have a new book of 17 ghost stories out called The Hanging Man and Other Stories. It's the first book I've done actual cover art for. On several recent books, I've begun using my own photographs or vintage postcard images. There are copies at Blue Umbrella Books and if you click on the book image on the Book Gallery page it will take you to Amazon where it can be purchased. It is also available as a Kindle book.

I'm about one third of the way through Glen Ebisch's new historical fiction novel Dearest David. It's primary setting is the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I'm thoroughly enjoying this book which is a departure for Glen. The book is on the Book Gallery page of this blog. Click on the image and it will take you to a retail site if you're interested in purchasing it. Copies may be available at Blue Umbrella also.

I just attended Kate Anderson's author event for her and Robert Duffy's new book Danvers State Hospital which is a part of the Images of America series. Kate is a vibrant speaker. The event, held at Blue Umbrella Books, was well attended with lively audience participation afterwards. The book can be found in the Book Gallery on this blog. Click on the image and it will link you to a retail site, if you're interested in purchasing it. Copies are available at Blue Umbrella also.

Also, Sonia Ellis has a new book out called Time Tilter that looks intriguing. It's a YA novel about a 15-year old runaway who participates in an in-person interactive game-sounds suspenseful! I ordered a copy from Amazon. As soon as it arrives Kelly will scan it into the Book Gallery and link it to the Amazon retail site. But if you're interested you can just go to Amazon books and type Sonia Ellis in the search bar and it will be there. (Melissa & Bethany, you might want to check this one out!)

If anyone else has something new out that I've missed, please feel free to jump on here and post about your book! If you find you can't post, send the info about the book to me or Kelly and we'll put something on here for you.

Caught Up

Did some much needed catching up today. Apologies to the wonderful authors who I finally got around to adding to the site today. As always, feel free to reach out if you need anything-- from help with the site to having your author bio updated. I'm sure someone out there has a website, blog, or something I've not linked up yet...

P.S. If you haven't checked out the book gallery in a while, you should. It's looking mighty impressive. Way to write, Wordsmiths!