Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Nod to Webmaster Kelly

I just want to thank Kelly for all the work she does on the blog. She is currently working on updating the Book Gallery page and has inserted placeholders for titles she doesn't yet have cover images for. We're having a scanner issue at the moment so several new titles are only in the gallery with place holders at this time.

If your cover art has changed (I am notorious for redesigning/revamping my covers- butterscotch receiving the latest updated cover-still awaiting a copy with new cover so it can be uploaded) and you want your new cover displayed in the gallery please send Kelly a quality image or get her a copy of your book to scan (returnable). We'd love to keep the book gallery up-to-date so viewers can see your work and link to your retail location and perhaps buy your book (-s).

Also, if there is any new info you want added to your bio on the Members page send it along to

Great job, Kelly!


  1. I agree ...Kelly is phenomenal with the coding and all the computer gobbledygook that leaves me glassy eyed!

  2. Good work Kelly I dont get here as often as I should, life and other pursuits often whisk me away but always enjoy sharing of thoughts ideas and life experiences