Sunday, July 23, 2017


      As a writer we are always excited when we get feedback on our work. Yesterday, while my wife and I were at a Yard Sale I was surprised with some.
     It came from an author of children's books that I have worked with a couple of years ago. This person has read most of my books.
     This person just looked at me and said, " I love your writing style. Whenever I am reading one of your books I feel like we are sitting across a table from each other having a conversation over a cup of coffee."
     When I recovered I thank them for the compliment and told then that is one of the short comings of my writing. I write exactly as I speak.
     Times like that are what keeps as writer going. Knowing that someone has enjoyed what you have written is the greatest compliment someone can give you.


  1. What a fantastic encounter Mike! Thanks for the share. As much as we all strive to be self confident and self assured, a little bit of external validation does a long way :)

    1. It sure does Bill. It keeps us going.