Friday, August 4, 2017

One Inquiry So Far

We've had one inquiry so far from a person interested in what the group is all about. Right now we stand at 15 members. Just wondering what the rest of you feel in regards to the number of members- enough? Room for 5 more? Bear in mind that not everyone will be able to attend meetings, and some live at a distance so will not be at meetings, but are present here on the blog.

I'd appreciate your thoughts in regards to membership number.


  1. I would expect members to come and go depending on their writing. Although I read the Blog almost daily much of my writing appears on Genealogy sites and Genealogy pages on Facebook that I provide family data to.

  2. Twenty sounds like a good number for this format. More members could mean more participation on the blog. During this developmental and evolutionary period it feels like a core group of members contribute blog posts. I'd love to hear from more members ... a larger group could spawn greater participation! Shoot for twenty Susan and lets see what develops :)

  3. There are all kinds of writers in the world, not just fiction writers. I love that a couple nonfiction writers have joined and/or shown interest.

    1. In response to your statement Susan I have been fortunate to have written in both non-fiction and fiction.