Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Press Release = Advertising in Westfield

I sent a press release to the Westfield News last night and received a response letting me know that there is such a plethora of press releases swamping their office that the groups press release may not be published for "quite some time", however, I could contact sales and PAY for an AD, if I wanted it to appear "sooner." Needless to say, I opted out of paying for a press release to appear as an ad. I am not advertising anything. The group collectively has zero dollars because we do not collect dues.

I did post the piece about our current membership drive on several social media sites for FREE and am happy to see members sharing the posts that I've put up on various sites they belong to. As always, we are very supportive of one another. I'll look around for other places where they accept press releases without charging for them.

Meanwhile, everywhere I go I am spreading the word. Anyone know anyone in the English departments at the high school or WSU? I'm sure that there are other students, like our Lindsay, who have talent and might be interested in joining a supportive group that will help them grow and chase their dreams.

Any other ideas?