Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bold Marketing or Grossly Misleading?

I finished Behind Her Eyes by Sara Pinsborough last week and posted my review on Goodreads today ...3.5 Stars rounded down to 3 Stars.

It was a tantalizingly dark and mysterious real life, thriller ... until it wasn't! The story is a paranormal, supernatural thriller, a fact that is mentioned nowhere in the marketing materials. Even Goodreads, the gigantic online book recommendation, sharing and reviewing community, doesn't shelve it in the paranormal genre until number 33 of 2,560 top shelves.

A marketing ploy? An omission by design to attract more readers and avoid being pigeon-holed in a less marketable genre?

My feelings were very mixed at the end. I felt so deceived and manipulated that I am doubtful I'll read any of her other works. 

How do you think your books should be marketed?

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