Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Membership Cards are in the Mail

Last night I wrote up a statement of purpose for the group, and a few brief lines from Kelly and me (and I even spelled camaraderie correctly on the first attempt!!). The membership cards had arrived during a thunderstorm. After a little experimenting with a labeler we scrapped that idea and I hand wrote member's names on their cards in silver Sharpie. (Plain cards will also be available.)

We're moving forward, coming together! I love it! Everyone has so much enthusiasm!

I'm also happy to see members posting here- diving right in with both feet!

You guys are awesome!


  1. Got the card.
    Whenever I think of groups like this I remember an old story about five English authors that used to meet once a week in a local pub to discuss their work. Two of them were J.R.R. Tolken and C.S. Lewis. The others were also famous throughout England. This concept works.

  2. Even though you're up in VY, the northeast kingdom, you're still a hometown boy here. Wish we could hang out together, but maybe when and if the one day writer's retreat happens in the coming year you'll be able to come down and hang out with us. It'd be a great day with a picnic and maybe live music if I can get some Artworks musicians to volunteer!