Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh the Frustrations!

It's Friday night and I've spent about 45 minutes trying to launch a post and ... nothing! White blocks instead of text, text without color, text in black instead of white.

I've had enough of this .. good night!


  1. I found that I had to wait for my post to become live on here. It took a while.

  2. Thanks Mike! I'll try again today. The process for this particular post was far more complicated than it needed to be but it was a spur of the moment missive. I started writing it at work and part way through, realizing I needed more time, I copied it from the blog and emailed it to my Yahoo account. When I got home, from my Yahoo account I copied it into Word. Once I finished my ramblings I copied the text back into the blog and ... BOOM! ... junk! White boxes, no text, black text ... frustration, agitation ... quit and close!

    It's another day ... another attempt.

  3. I figured it out Mike. I had to remove the formatting from the word document!