Sunday, June 25, 2017

Just An Odd Aside

Tomorrow is Kelly's birthday. She used to have from scratch chocolate cupcakes, but then decided she liked angel food cake (my traditional birthday cake since I was a kid) better. So, this morning I baked the cake. When it comes out of the oven you have to flip it upside down and let it cool before taking it out of the pan. Well- we usually balance the pan on canned goods, except we eat more fresh vegetables these days and I finally pitched the vastly outdated canned veggies during a cupboard cleanout sometime shortly after my April birthday- so we just had three cans of fruit (that no one will eat but still have good dates on them), but no can to support the middle of the cake except a small can of tomato sauce. There ensued a search for the right height prop to boost the can's height to support the center of the cake pan (the tube). Well, the right height object turned out to be a paperback copy of Laura by Vera Caspary that was in a stack of books on the dining room table!

That leads me to this burning question- what is the strangest thing that you have put a book to good/not so good use for?

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  1. Great story Susan! I honestly can't remember any personal extraordinary uses or abuses of books other than reading. We did use a book as a door stop at the Book, Toy & Tag Sale on Saturday, a pop up event to coincide with Buskers Day and the Athenaeum Summer Reading Kick off event.

    I worked the sale from 7:15am until about 10:15am and briefly visited the ArtWorks Westfield tent (I LOVE the vertical banner!) before heading out to Becket to see an afternoon show at Jacob's Pillow! That place is WONDERFUL!

    I am sooo excited to bring author fair events to the city. Be sure to check out the Hudson, NY Volume Reading Series online ... these intrigue me!